about Cinnabar


Cinnabar Property

Owned and managed by Peter & Pamela Rooke with a strategy for long term investment. Based in central London but investing in the South & South East of the UK.

The Directors are already holders of an extensive portfolio of residential properties personally but are now investing through Cinnabar Property Limited.

The Objective is to build a balanced portfolio of Commercial and Residential properties.


Peter Rooke

Peter Rooke has extensive business experience in the Property, Printing, Computer and Document Management industries.

He founded Checkpoint Security in 1985 which grew to become the leading BACS software and payment security systems supplier in the UK. This business was sold to its management team in 1999.  

In 2000 he founded Twofold Ltd which became one of the UK's leading document management suppliers, specialising in the whole range of document processing and mailing systems. This business was sold to its management team in 2014.

In the Property sector he was a Director of The Combined Estates Company Limited for 35 years. He led the sale of  this 137 year old family property investment business with 45 shareholders for £21.5 million in 2016.



Pam Rooke holds a BA in English Literature and has had a varied working career whilst balancing being a full time mother.

She qualified as a Goldsmith (NAG) whilst working at the Oxford Street branch of Ernest Jones. She also managed a wholesale trade jewellery distributor in Liverpool.

She has extensive technical experience having spent several years as Project Manager building & supporting specialised computer systems and templating data files used in electronic payment and document distribution systems. She also managed a production facility which provided outsourced cheque printing and mailing services for large corporate clients.